The adapting brain

Changes in the cells that insulate nerve fibers make
them more efficient

Michelle Monje, MD, PhD

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School of MedicineApril 23 | 5 p.m.

Alway Bldg., room 114

Douglas Faigel, MD, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, will discuss the topic at this gastroenterology & hepatology seminar. More »

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James Ford

A new study shows that multiple-gene panels can be a quick, low-cost screening method to look for a few gene variants known to be associated with specific types of cancer. More »

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A podcast of today's leaders in biomedicine

Michael Greicius
Michael Greicius on women and the risk for Alzheimer's

A gene variant know as ApoE4 is the strongest known single genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's, a neurological syndrome that affects about 30 million people. But a new study led by Stanford neurologist Michael Greicius, MD, shows that women who carry a copy of ApoE4 have a substantially greater risk for the disease than men. In this podcast, Greicius discusses the study's implications. Length: 25 min.

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